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Extra Mural Activities with Kay-Dee Educare Centre in Mowbray

Extra mural activities are an important part of any child’s physical and intellectual development so it’s important that extra murals are a part of their lives.

Although schools do offer some extracurricular activities, some of these may not be appealing to all students and it’s impossible to offer every type of activity, so schools often offer the most popular extra murals for their students.

For this reason, Kay-Dee Educare Centre provides a range of extra mural activities for toddlers and older students as an optional extra to our comprehensive after-school programs.

extra mural activities for toddlers in cape town

Extra Mural Activities in Cape Town

As early childhood development lies at the heart of our educare centre, we believe that extra mural activities should be a part of every child’s life.

However, we also believe that children should take part in extracurricular activities that they find enjoyable in addition to those that are mandatory as part of their school’s syllabus.

Therefore, we have selected some extra mural activities for toddlers and older children that are unique and offer the opportunity to develop necessary life skills, motor skills, mental focus, and physical strength.

None of our extracurricular activities are compulsory but are rather offered as an optional extra for your child to enjoy if they feel inspired to do so.

Extra Murals for Toddlers and Older Children with Kay-Dee Educare Centre

At Kay-Dee, we offer the following extra mural activities for various ages:

  • Baking – a useful skill for any child to have which opens doors to culinary arts
  • Computer lessons – extremely vital in the age of technology, computer skills should be something every child learns
  • Gymnastics – for the athletically inclined children who like to move, gymnastics improves physical strength, coordination, and skill
  • Swimming lessons – a crucial skill for everyone to have, swimming lessons help children feel confident in water
  • Karate lessons – a valuable skill to have for self-defence as well as for mental focus and physical development

Kay-Dee Educare Centre in Mowbray – Extra Mural Activities in Cape Town

Our goal is to make sure that children are supported at every stage of their development and for that reason we have designed all our educare and after-school programmes to facilitate this.

Early childhood development lays the foundation for well-rounded adults who are confident, skilled, and compassionate and through this we can create a brighter future for all.

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