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Computer Lessons

Our first few lessons are intended to help learners understand the basics of how computers work and how to use them, the rules and regulations, such as do not touch on any keys without the teacher present, not to touch on the computer screen, no eating by the computers, etc.

Today’s children are more exposed to technology than ever before. The possibility of applying computers to education or pre-schoolers today seem an immeasurable blessing at first glance.

Because a computer shows no emotions, it does not get frustrated, bored, or angry and it does not err (assuming the programing is not flawed). It has the ability to act as a teacher of unending patience and infallible accuracy. Computers have the capacity to be incredible learning tools for pre-schoolers and children who are struggling with their absorption of knowledge in class.

Computer Skills and Early Childhood Development

Computers today are inescapable. All children should be taught computer skills. Children learn to write their names, match letters / sounds, identify number symbols, number names and sets, add and subtract, halving, graphs, etc. It encourages and motivates them, provides a sense of accomplishment, and inspires children to explore with all of their senses.

It is a unique way of helping a child feel powerful in a grown-up-world and building their self-esteem. It also helps to develop team-work and communication skills. Simple animated games can help develop their hand-eye coordination and generic computer-use ability.

However, being good for all that is not sufficient reason for a computer to be included in a child’s world. It must also have a major effect on the child’s ability to learn. Therefore, the computer also facilitates LEARNING to pre-schoolers.

Play is one of the most important methods through which learning takes place in the pre-school. It is not just the interaction between children, but the interaction between the children and their environment.

While computer time should never be the majority of any structured learning plan, balancing the use of technology with appropriate off-line “developmental activities” helps prepare children for the digital world they’ll grow up in.

We offer a specialised service with exciting sound with animated  lessons, and we work with each child individually to take him / her through the essential skills required such as:

  • Perception
  • Logical thinking
  • Memory Skills
  • Creativity
  • Literacy
  • Life skills
  • Numeracy / Maths skills
  • Emotional Skills such as:
    • Improved concentration
    • Expansion of self-image
    • Task completion
    • Decision making
    • Ability to venture
    • Fosters Independence
    • Problem Solving
    • Promotes logical reasoning

We offer half hour classes per child once a week
Children discover a world of animation, colour and sound that becomes reality
Progress reports and certificates

Computer Lessons Application Form

Terms & conditions:

  • Classes presented during school terms only
  • 1 full calendar terms notice from parents to discontinue lessons
  • Fees are payable in advance on a monthly or termly basis only
  • No lessons will be given if payments are not up to date
  • All entrants are subject to an administration enrolment fee of R60.00 which is a once-off payment per annum irrespective of what time your child has enrolled
  • Application forms are available from the office which are to be completed and signed by the parent / guardian or person responsible for the fees payment PRIOR to commencement of lessons.

Computer lessons at Kay-Dee Educare Centre


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