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Stretch-n–Grow  -  Developed in the USA in 1992

The world’s largest network of children’s fitness professionals!

The Stretch – n – grow programme is designed to promote exercise and wellness in children aged 18 months to Grade R.

It is a comprehensive, structured and fun-filled full-body wellness programme that will result in good health, strength and positive attitudes in children from an early age.

Dance, gymnastics and ball-skills programmes focus on skills such as gross motor development, balance, co-ordination or rhythm. Stretch – n – grow combines all of the above in one well-rounded and structured class.

Why choose Stretch–n–Grow?

  • Kids need to stretch and grow.
  • For the first time in 100 years, today’s children have a lower life expectancy than their parents, due to obesity and an inactive lifestyle.
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Action-packed, non-stop fun where every child is the focus. No waiting in line
  • Group activity participation which builds confidence.
  • Improves strength, endurance and flexibility.
  • Encourages high self-esteem, health and body awareness.
  • It’s FUN!!!

Programme Highlights

  • Children learn the basics of good exercise, including the importance of warming up, aerobics, resistance, flexibility and cool-down, as well as muscle groups and their functions.
  • 30 Minutes of continuous, safe and effective exercise designed specifically for young children.
  • Original adventure warm-up stories, fun routines and amazing equipment makes exercising FUN.
  • Physical development that prepares kids for skilled activities necessary for competition and team sports.
  • Wellness issues such as nutrition, safety, proper rest, self-esteem and hygiene emphasised weekly.
  • We keep parents involved with tips for home fitness activities and a summary of programmes through our regular newsletters and feedback sessions.

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